One Blog to View Them All…

Congratulations to anyone who gets the reference…. 😉

Anyway, the reason I started yet another blog is so that I won’t ever have to start another one again. It’s also so that I won’t have to blog on 5 different blogs, and so that you can just follow one blog to get everything from me. Instead of having a separate blog for pictures, another for quotes, another for polished posts, another for writing experiments, and so on, I’ll just post everything on here.

Which, hopefully, is good news for everyone. Though, just in warning, that means this blog will be more frequently posted on, and will include more randomness. Plus, I will just be me on here: I am going to post what God lays on my heart– no more, no less–regardless of what I think people will think.

So, if you like those things, follow and comment away! If not, I’m sure there are other blogs around…


6 thoughts on “One Blog to View Them All…

  1. Hey, Carissa! As I only ever followed one of your blogs, I’m rather glad you’ve consolidated so that I will know I’m not missing anything. 🙂 Just got your email. Will write back soon. Love you!

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