A Beautiful Trade

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

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“Father God, what do you want me to sacrifice of myself in order to gain more of you in this situation?”

One of my friends posted that question/prayer, and it’s really been making me think. It isn’t that I’ve never thought of this before, because I have. I’ve just been pondering it, over and over and deeper and deeper.

Less of me = more of Him?? So… let me get this straight. I give up my prideful, fallible, weak, contemptible, foolish, lustful, deceitful self–and gain all the beauty and righteousness and love and power and glory of Christ???

Wow. That, folks, is a Really Good Deal. I still don’t get it, to be honest–why He would do it. But He does.

And the other thing I don’t get is why WE don’t do it–seriously! What do we have to lose? Only ourselves, and we all know, deep down, how worthless we are in and of ourselves. And what do we have to gain? Christ!

I realized, one day as I was washing dishes, (I realize a lot of things while washing dishes) that I actually pitied the flesh in some areas. Not just in my life, but for friends. I had been feeling bad for the difficult results of hard prayers–hard prayers that I myself prayed–even though I knew it was God working, and even though I knew that the part that was hard was the earthly part. Even though I knew that the result would be grand, I was still mourning the process. I felt God saying, then, “Why would you feel bad for them? It is the bad, the flesh being taken and burnt out. Yes it hurts, but they are so much the better for it.” So I decided, then, that I would not pity those in the refiner’s fire–I will rejoice and pray all the more.

Further, I have decided (and am deciding, and will continue to decide) to truly give Him all. That includes everything. Like, for real. Even all the things I can’t see. I’ve already given so much. But there is more. I know it, and He knows it even more.

How can I do less, when He has given all?


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Trade

  1. Wow, Carissa, I never thought of it that way. Ourselves decreasing, Him increasing … how can we even hesitate to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into that trade? Thanks so much for this. 🙂

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