They handed us earplugs as we went in the doors. Earplugs. It was Sunday morning, and we were going to worship God. I’ve got to admit, the earplug thing made me a little uneasy.

The music started, and there was indeed a reason they handed out the earplugs. I tried them out, and while it did reduce the sound somewhat, they did nothing to stop the vibrations that were pulsing up my feet and messing with my heart rhythm. I took them out.

I was trying to focus on what the words of the song were instead of all the people on stage (including cameramen), but alas–behind the words, there was a live video of the people on stage. I was struggling to even think of God in all the noise and lights.

By the time the third song came around, as I was talking to God about it, I felt Him saying, If you can’t even worship me in spite of the hindrances here, how do you expect to worship me among the distractions in the world? Well. So I closed my eyes, and I just focused on God. On how amazing He is. On how worthy He is of worship.

And in spite of it all, I was able to worship Him.

Afterwards, myself and my J127 teammates discussed our experiences. They all had a very similar trouble with worshiping God, which was interesting since we all loved to worship Him and it was normally not a problem.

Now, I’m not here to bash the “Modern Church Experience” thing. We went to another very large church, also with loud music and lights (but not as loud, thankfully)–and during the very first song, I was truly worshiping God. And not only me, but all my team.

I am here to say that it is very important that we actually worship God, not just sing, not just complain about the music, not just enjoy the beat, not just look at the people, not just critique the quality of the music and lyrics.

It is especially crucial that the “Worship team” is worshiping God. If they haven’t prayed enough, and if their hearts are not on God’s glory, it will be much harder for everyone to focus on God.

That’s just Sunday mornings. That’s just one hour of your week, maybe less. What about the 167 other hours of the week? Worshiping God is not something that only happens in a building with people up front singing and playing instruments, loud or otherwise. It’s not about that. It’s not about us at all. It’s about Him–about loving Him and recognizing His great worth. It isn’t that He needs reminding–it is that we do. Everything can be worship. Washing dishes, if done to His glory and while praising Him. Playing with siblings, if done with a heart filled with His love and blessing Him for the gift of siblings. Taking out the trash. Writing. Sleeping. Reading. Knitting. Archery. Listening to music. Sitting still. Eating. Everything.

Let your worship for God overflow into every area of your life.

And watch as every area of your life is transformed–mostly inside. We always worship something, but when we worship the only One worthy… wow. Try and see.

Psalm 95:6 Oh come, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.


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