Mornings Outside…





I’ve been going outside in the mornings lately–the weather has been amazing here: chilly and breezy. As I was sitting out there taking it all in, I was thinking about how much I’ve changed in four years.

Before, I used to think that being outside while doing devotions was bad, because it distracted me from my “religious duties”. (okay, so I didn’t actually call them that.) That is, I thought that until a friend of mine pointed out that when you see the beauty in nature, you can then use it to praise God all the more.

And now… that is really how it is. The things I see and feel and hear–the flowers and breeze and birdsong–just thrill my heart with how good He is. I’ve learned, finally, how to make everything part of prayer. And I’m learning, slowly, what it is to truly, fully abide in Christ.

And it’s beautiful.


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