Siblings are Children Too.

{These are mine. You can’t have them.}

I’ve always had these dreams, you know. Of how someday, when I have children, I’ll do this and that and the other thing. I’ll cook with them and catch tadpoles with them and I’ll do crafts and I won’t get mad and I’ll play games with them.

After awhile of this thinking, I realized that I would not treat my children any better than I was treating my siblings, and I didn’t much like that fact. How I was treating them was a great deal different from how I wanted to treat my imaginary Future Children. So, slowly, I started changing how I related to them. And it was great–I thought I’d be much better at taking care of “my children” someday.

Until–the thought came: I may never have children of my own.

I might die before I do. I might not get married. I might not be able to have children.

And then I realized that my siblings are children too. Real, living, laughing, screaming, learning children. Who are in my life. Who look up to me.

Children that I am impacting, for good or for ill. Children whose spirits are eternal. Children who will grow up and impact this world.

No, I didn’t give birth to them. (Siblings that are reading this, you can stop making weird faces. Thank you.) But they are in my life. And for this season, when I am here at home, I want to be faithful in how I interact with them. I still have a long way to go (It is helpful to know that your siblings are reading your blog, it keeps you humble.), but that is my desire.

My siblings aren’t just preparation for some imaginary children–they are real children that I really am impacting, whether it’s intentional or not. So I am making an effort to make it intentional.

And any other older siblings who are reading this–I encourage you to do the same. God put you in the family He did for a reason. Don’t waste this opportunity to bless, encourage and love them. Use it to the full!


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