When Life Hurts


What I didn’t say in the post filled with lovely pictures of nature is that about half of them were taken just after I scraped up both of my feet. Quite badly.

I had been walking merrily along, enjoying the lovely weather and the beauty all round– when I miss-stepped on a rough stepping stone. I stumbled and fell, and my feet hurt. I didn’t look at my injury right away, but hobbled over to the patio and sat on a chair.

My first thought upon hurting myself was, wow, way to ruin a beautiful moment. And then I looked up, and realized that it was still a beautiful day, and that God was still just as good as ever. The only difference was that now my feet hurt.

I had a choice: focus on the pain, or focus on the beauty.

This time… this time, I choose the beauty.

I don’t always.

But often, and oftener now, I do.

Because there will always be some pain, somewhere. If not in your life, than in the life of one so dear that their pain seeps in and becomes yours.

This doesn’t mean you don’t cry. Tears are good, when they are tears of a broken heart crying out to the Redeemer for healing. Oh, you cry alright. You tell Him it all–how it hurts, and how you are sad, and how it doesn’t make sense, and how you wish it didn’t have to be this way.

But you let Him lift your eyes.

Because there’s always something beautiful.

In the dark of night there are stars, and even when you can’t see them, there is the knowing they are there.

In the midst of a storm there are clouds–and rainbows, even.

And even when you can see nothing good, you can trust–as on those dark nights when the stars are hidden–that God works all things together for good to them that love Him.

Because He does. He’s just like that.

Good. Always, no matter what.

God is good.


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