Bright Lights Tonight…

Hannahs16bdayandmore 087

(The girl’s discipleship group, not the kind that brings light in dark places. Though we do that too.)

In two hours, a group of young ladies will be meeting at our church. We’re going to be talking about God. We always do, in some way or another–but tonight we’re specifically talking about who He is, and about getting to know Him better.

Because one of the enemy’s favorite targets with his lies is God’s character. He gets us all confused and disillusioned and… deceived. And when you don’t know what God is like, nothing else makes sense.

So please pray for us, tonight–pray that God will come. That He will speak through us and reveal Himself to us. That we will desire His glory above all else. That hearts will be softened and eyes opened.

Thank you…


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