Weakness and Surrender (And April Fool’s Day)

So yesterday I was cleaning. Our house is never really the tidiest, but Mondays are always especially bad. I’ve found that when there’s an overwhelming mess, it helps me if I take a picture of one area, clean it, and then take a picture of it clean. Which is what I did…







So I cleaned all that and more, and then came back inside to find this (actually it was worse, I cleared off a few things before I took the picture):


And this:


To be honest, I went and cried. Not so much because the areas I had just cleaned were a mess again–it was more just the fact that no matter how much I clean, it will get dirty again. Add to that the fact that I had just been very annoyed with one of my siblings–simply because they were… gasp… talking to me. Yeah. (When I get focused hard on something detailed, being social does NOT come easy at all.) I was just realizing how very helpless and weak I really am, and how easily I get annoyed, and how much I really need Him.

So… I didn’t just cry, I prayed. How can you really explain what happens when you pray? All I know is, I told Him I needed Him, badly, and I chose to praise Him anyway. And I remembered: I am not my own, I was bought with a price. And I said, okay God, if you want this body to go around cleaning up the same areas again and again and again, that is what I will do. You know best.

And I came back out in a much better frame of mind, and continued cleaning for several more hours and then cooked for a few more hours. And guess what? I wasn’t annoyed anymore. That isn’t me. That is God, all God. Sometimes surrender is so very “small”–and yet, so very big. And you know what? Surrender leads to joy. It really really does.

(And by the way, the house did actually get tidier, though it is still messy. Oh well. And we had a fun supper in honor of April Fool’s Day.)

Dessert first! Anyone notice anything odd about this picture?


The funny thing is that my family takes stuff like this in stride. Oh, dessert first? With a fork and in a cup? Of course. Isn’t this normal?


And then supper! Anyone notice a theme? And what do you think the orange drink is?



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