I’ve Been Tagged!

My friend Victoria of J127 fame tagged me! (I’ve never been tagged before [in the bloggy world, I’ve been tagged plenty in the non-blog world], so this is a new experience. I’m assuming that either: a. None of my other bloggy friends have been tagged before either or b. They all thought I was too serious to tag. But Victoria was tagged and knows me better than most. :D)

1. Sports Car or Pick-up Truck?
Truck. Much more practical…

2. If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would you save?
Um… either letters or journals. It would be really hard to choose.

3. What is your favorite sport?
Probably basketball. I don’t really know why, but I’m fairly decent at it.

4. How often do you use the word “Like”?
More than I’d like. (See?)

5.Have you even been out of the country?
Unfortunately I have not. At least not yet. I’m planning on getting my passport this year, though, and we’ll see what God does from there.

6. If so, where?
I guess I don’t have to answer this one…

7. Are you on Facebook?
Sort of… at the moment I’m taking a break from it. I put up a good long fight before I actually joined, though… I haven’t even been on a year. Both my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers were on before me, so yeah.

8. Do you have a job?
I work part time for our family’s tile store, part time at home (which is everything from cooking to organizing to first aid to breaking up fights.), and full time for God. (that isn’t to say I always remember that full time…)

9. Pizza or Ice Cream?
Ice cream. Pizza and I don’t get along well.

10. Hunting or Fishing?
Haven’t really done either one… Technically I’ve helped fish, but that included getting a hook stuck in my braid and also going in a muddy canal (that also has been known to have gators) to get a hook unstuck.

11.  What is the best movie you have seen this year (doesn’t matter if it is new)?
Um… Maybe the Avengers? I don’t really know how to pick “best”. Plus I can’t really think of any other movies right now, so yeah.

Victoria’s Question 12: if you could control any of the elements (fire, water, earth, air) which would it be? 

That is a very interesting question. Air, I think. I love wind…

My question: Have you ever gone camping, and if so, what was one memorable occurrence?

I tag… Ada and Victoria (my awesome cousin, not the (also awesome) J127 Victoria.). (I would tag you, Rebeka, except you wouldn’t do it. But if by some strange impulse you want to do it, you can.)

P.S. We are leaving to go camping in minutes, hence my last question. 😛

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Yeah! Glad you thought my question was interesting! I’d control fire btw, but I had a feeling you would pick air.

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