Blogging Break

There are a lot of things that can be used for good in this world. One of them is blogging.

But, for reasons best known to Him, God asks us to give up good things. Sometimes forever, sometimes only for a day, sometimes for weeks, months, years.

In the past few years, He has asked me to give Him many, many things: good things and bad ones alike. I’m learning that as I empty myself of–well, myself–He is coming in and filling me up. The odd thing is that I still resist sometimes, even though I’ve seen the blessing of surrender time and time again. (The flesh really hates being killed. Imagine that.)

And, um, it so happens I’ve been resisting this particular thing for a little while now… I sort of “forgot”. You know, the sort of “forgetting” where you don’t want to do something, so you conveniently confuse it with something else and then think, “He didn’t really mean give up that too, cause I already gave up the other thing.”

Well, He did.

(And yes the “thing” is blogging.)

Not forever; at least I don’t think so. But for a season. It may be that I’ll learn quickly and be back in a week… or it may take a month or a year. I don’t really know.

I am sensing that He wants me to stop talking and start listening. I have a tendency to sort-of learn something and then rush off to blog about it or talk about it or whatever–instead of really letting God work it into my character. He wants to empty me of my words and fill me with His. And since He is unfathomably more than I, that is probably a good idea. (probably meaning, “duh”.)

I’ll still be writing, I’m sure, since that is just how I process. But it will be between me and God, for now. Until my heart is ready…

Thank you for understanding. Prayers appreciated. πŸ™‚


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