101 Things that Happened While I Was 22…

{In no particular order at all…}

  1. I started a new blog to combine all my blogs.
  2. I watched The Hobbit in 3D.
  3. I started playing guitar.
  4. I was given a guitar for Christmas.
  5. Our Bright Lights group doubled in size.
  6. I read many life-changing books.
  7. My baby sister learned how to walk and talk.
  8. I planted an herb garden.
  9. I helped plant a vegetable garden.
  10. I wrote thousands of words and 100 plus blog posts.
  11. I went away from home for nine weeks, alone.
  12. I traveled to New York.
  13. And Minnesota.
  14. And Colorado.
  15. And lots in between.
  16. I got in a car accident. (well, I was in the front passenger seat.)
  17. I experienced doing a 360 on the highway. (also in the passenger seat.)
  18. I learned about Schluter waterproofing.
  19. I went to Coverings (flooring show) in Georgia.
  20. We went camping twice.
  21. I hosted a Purim celebration.
  22. I got much better at cooking.
  23. I toured the Nina and Pinta.
  24. I helped organize child care for a family conference.
  25. I played Holy Holy Holy on guitar at Bright Lights.
  26. I performed on the guitar with Hannah and with Daniel and Emily.
  27. I learned I’m decent at archery.
  28. I learned more about sword fighting.
  29. I prayed far more than any previous year.
  30. I toured a newspaper office.
  31. I took five of my younger siblings to the Tampa zoo (and no one even got eaten).
  32. I helped run and organize a tile store.
  33. I promoted a company via social media/website and actually got customers.
  34. I took thousands of pictures.
  35. We participated in a homeschool family Olympics.
  36. I participated in the communion sharing time several times.
  37. We went geocaching.
  38. I helped teach/organize 4 (or more?) teen events with GOV.
  39. I sold books with GOV.
  40. I met many amazing godly people.
  41. Including the Ludys.
  42. And Dana Gresh.
  43. I made a crest/flag.
  44. I sang in a chapel by candlelight.
  45. I learned that I’m INTP and DICS
  46. I colored my hair purple
  47. I climbed rocks.
  48. I went to Whit’s End.
  49. I got security training.
  50. I packed books.
  51. I made 2 pies.
  52. We got our first real Christmas tree.
  53. I got a Facebook account.
  54. And a Twitter account.
  55. And a Pintrest account.
  56. I got good at cutting out snowflakes.
  57. I filled up several journals.
  58. I memorized James 1.
  59. I had at least 7 different drinks at Starbucks (including chai tea and hot chocolate).
  60. I made new friends.
  61. I got a new camera.
  62. I was used by God to speak to several people.
  63. I learned new ways of praying and communicating with God.
  64. I started keeping in touch with several BL girls during the weeks in between meetings.
  65. I chatted (IM) way less.
  66. I did a few little drawings
  67. I died many times…
  68. I learned to trust God more.
  69. I became more whole in some ways.
  70. I surrendered to God in ways I didn’t know I could.
  71. I got to experience autumn in upstate New York.
  72. I read lots and lots of books to Esther
  73. I stopped many sibling fights.
  74. I helped in Nursery.
  75. I helped clean up from several fellowship meals.
  76. I cleaned the church.
  77. I went canoeing a few times.
  78. One of my best friends was sentenced to five years in prison.
  79. My mom got in a car accident and had to have therapy for months.
  80. I’ve been splitting time between work and home.
  81. I learned a new specie of birds–Sterling Jay.
  82. I learned to worship God more freely.
  83. I went to several BNI meetings and subbed for various people.
  84. I wrote poems.
  85. I learned new songs.
  86. I climbed trees.
  87. I wrote letters.
  88. I cried harder.
  89. I laughed louder.
  90. I smiled more meaningfully.
  91. I thought more than ever.
  92. I learned more of living in the moment.
  93. I learned that I have the gift of intercession.
  94. I went to PA with Hannah.
  95. I learned new games.
  96. I started sponsoring a child.
  97. I sponsored 5 Bibles.
  98. I ate cattail stems.
  99. I learned something of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
  100. I learned to love God more.
  101. And too many other things to list.

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