Part One: Introduction

Well, I got excited and finished the first part of my new series… hopefully the rest will be soon to follow!

Usually, I’ve managed to keep my ranting about various controversial issues to private conversations, and kept primarily to the most important Controversy on my blogs. (Namely, God.)

However… I’ve been reading many, many articles, comments, and so forth on both sides of the Abortion issue, and… I think it’s time for me to say something. Not that I can solve the problem by posting about it, or that I think I have all the answers. I can only do what one person CAN do–provide people with something to think about, and ask and trust God for the heart-change. That, I can and will do.

I’m not an expert.

I’m just a thinker, big sister, discipler of girls, concerned citizen, and follower of Christ.

Oh, and a writer.

And, naturally, with that combination–I started writing. It was intended to be one blog post–but over 2,000 words in with much more to say, I decided to split it up into several posts.

The next morning, I wrote a fancy outline of the issues I wanted to address (You must know how serious this is. I don’t write outlines any more. That was for writing papers for school. Not for blog posts.) It grew and grew until I realized that this was going to be quite the series. I think I’m even going to call them articles…

While we’ve already established that I’m not an expert, I do bring some unique things to this topic. For instance, my brain. 😛 Everyone thinks differently from everyone else—I just think really differently. I am skilled at making connections (everything is eventually connected in my mind.) and at taking large amounts of information and condensing them. I’m also fairly decent at thinking logically, something that is tragically lacking in this world. (haha, but it’s true!!)

I do not, however, bring compassion. I really am not caring by nature, especially to the masses… if it was just me talking, I’d just say something along the lines of: “Abortion is factually, logically and statistically stupid. Don’t do it. Also just don’t get in that situation.” 😛 The compassion that (hopefully) comes across in these articles you must directly attribute to Christ in me.

I am hoping that I will be able to take all of the things I have read, watched and learned and connect them all together in a caring, concise and helpful way in these articles.

I’m going to cover (some of) the reasons we have this problem in our country and some possible solutions, common objections to pro-lifers/the pro-life movement and responses to them, the dark side of abortion and contraception—and, finally (and maybe most importantly) problems with the pro-life movement and what we can do.

This issue is at once terribly complex and startlingly simple.

It is horribly complex, because there are so many factors–so many things that got us to this place; so many things that are making the problem worse; so many tragic situations.

It’s startlingly simple, because a baby in the womb is an innocent human life and to end it is wrong.

First, before we get to my articles…a story. The story of my little brother, the one who died at the same age many babies are aborted. I still remember how he looked. There wasn’t and isn’t the slightest doubt that he was a baby. That is one of the many experiences in my life that have led me to have such a strong stance on this topic.

I haven’t been as involved as I could have been… but I have done some things.

There was the 40 day dessert fast, when I focused on praying for the unborn. It was, I think, the first time I ever realized how HARD it is for some of these moms. This was back when I didn’t cry—but I actually did cry, praying for them. Before that time, in my logical, not very emotional way, I thought they should just–not do it. Now, I have grown to recognize even more the challenges some of these mothers face, and I truly have compassion for them, both the ones I know and the ones I don’t.

I also participated in raising money for a local crisis pregnancy center (Pregnancy Solutions.) by walking in their annual walk-for-life. I was sick, but I went and walked a few miles anyways.

I’ve started knitting baby hats to donate to Pregnancy Solution’s boutique… I’ll be going to our church tomorrow to knit with others who are also knitting things for the babies.

I’ve been reading, reading, reading… pro-life and pro-choice articles. I’ll be honest, I read more pro-life. The pro-choice ones get me ranting even more than the pro-life ones do. 😛

I have been saving up to give what little extra money I have (practically all) to Pregnancy Solutions.

I’ve been praying, praying lots. For the crisis pregnancy centers, for the mothers, for the babies, for the hearts of those who have suffered an abortion, for the lawmakers.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a volunteer info session for the Pregnancy Solutions branch that’s opening in North Port. Not sure what God is going to do there.

I guess the point is that I really care about this issue. I don’t just have a bunch of facts. This is about people. Real people, people I know. People who have been brave enough to not get an abortion in cases where others might have. People who have had an abortion.

And it’s not just something I talk about and write about. I’m doing things to help. Not enough. But I’m doing something. And I’m going to keep doing more.

Please join me.

The next post will be about the things I see that are causing this problem… stay tuned!



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