The Issues Behind the Issue: Part One

Before we get started with my thoughts on the abortion issue, I’d like to make a few things clear.

One, I am addressing this with a Christian worldview. I have learned about other religions/philosophies and compared them with Christianity—and Christianity was the clear “winner” in several ways. Not only that, but I am a Christian myself and have seen God at work in my life and in the lives of MANY others.

I won’t get into all that here, however. If you have questions about Christianity vs. other religions, I recommend “Understanding the Times” and “The Truth Project.

Two, I do not appreciate when Pro-Choice people call the whole Pro-Life movement “Anti-Abortion” , as if the entirety of the movement is solely dedicated to getting rid of abortion politically, with no thought of helping the mother and father, and with no consideration of what happens to the baby after he/she is born, or “Anti-Choice”, as if we don’t want women to have any choices about “their body”. (when, in fact, we want to give them more choices, and better ones.) Maybe there are people like that on “our” side—but there are a great many other people who genuinely care for the mother and father, and the baby both before and after he/she is born.

In light of that, I am not going to lump Pro-Choice people all together under a “Pro-Abortion” (or “Pro-Death.”) label. From what I’ve seen, there are two main groups within the “Pro-Choice” movement: Those who actually care for women and are misled into believing that abortion is a helpful option or even a right (I will call this group Pro-Choice) and those who are blatantly all for abortion/killing babies, to the point of being downright creepy and definitely evil. (And I will call them Pro-Abortion/Death.)

Alrighty, here we go!

In all my reading on both sides of this issue, something I don’t hear talked about much is the issues behind the issue.

In other words, why? Why are abortions happening in such large numbers? (Around one third of my generation is missing!) Why is whether abortion right or wrong even a discussion? Why is abortion considered a good way to take care of a “problem?” Why are so many babies unwanted in the first place?

Everyone knows there’s a problem; even those who are all for abortion. But unless you know the source of the problem, and what the problem really is, all you can ever do is treat the symptoms in the way you think best. It’s very difficult actually slow down or stop it. And so it is with this.

Apparently, MORE than one third of pregnancies are unexpected and/or unwanted. That is just based on the number of abortions per women–it doesn’t include people who place children up for adoption, or people who have their baby anyways. In case you were wondering, that’s a lot.

So… my question (as usual) is–why? Why are we having this problem? I came up with 9 (or possibly more by the time I finish this…) possible contributing factors. (Once again, I’m not an expert. I’m just an thoughtful observer. Keep that in mind–and please, thoughtfully observe with me. Feel free to add your thoughts to mine, or even tell me you think I’m on a totally wrong track.)

As Maria Von Trapp says, let’s start at the very beginning (which, as the song goes, is a very good place to start.). No, not the beginning of the legalization of abortion in America. The real beginning. The beginning of the universe and everything in it, in including people.

File:Human evolution.svg

First Issue behind the Issue: Evolution/Humanism

Whether you realize it does or not, what you believe about the origin of the universe makes quite a difference in this issue.

If you believe that there is a God, and that He created the universe and everything in it and is still actively involved, then there are definite standards of right and wrong. If you believe that He made humans in His own image, you know they have inherent worth, and therefore should not be killed for the sake of convenience (or any other reason, really, with the exception of if they have taken an innocent life.)

If you believe there is no God, and that the universe and everything in it came about by random chance for no apparent reason, there is no ultimate standard for right and wrong. Therefore, whatever you think is “right” is “right”—or, whatever the majority thinks is right is right. (This belief is part of why everyone is so crazy about polls and statistics right now.) As people become more and more corrupt in their search for pleasure, their perception of right and wrong becomes more and more skewed, and the “majority” may end up deciding that a very horrible thing is “right.”

There may be some who do not believe in God, and for some other reasons (like science and logic and the kind of caring that comes with being made in God’s image) object to abortion–but most people who do not believe in God at all will see nothing wrong with solving their “problem” with abortion.

If you believe that we are animals, descended ultimately from chemicals and minerals (by random chance), humans have no inherent worth. Logically, it makes sense that it is not really a bad thing to kill humans, especially ones that are a bother or are less “evolved”. Survival of the fittest, right? (I wish I was making this up… But there have been some other absolutely horrific events (such as the Holocaust and various other racist/eugenicist movements) that have used that kind of reasoning.)

This explains how it is that some people who are decidedly Pro-Abortion know that it’s a baby that they advocate killing–and they don’t care. While chilling, this should hardly be unexpected.

The very beginning is where, I believe, the problem starts (or is averted.) Without the knowledge and fear of God, all sorts of dreadful and hurtful things become not only permissible, but welcome.

In conclusion: one of the first issues behind the issue is the foundation: Creation by God, or Evolution by random chance?


2 thoughts on “The Issues Behind the Issue: Part One

  1. I love how you start in the beginning… The source of the problem of abortion, rather than just treating the symptoms. I can’t wait to read the next part of your article/book whatever you call it. You should get it published some day!

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