My Life in Pictures

My life is quite varied, so these pictures will be as well. Enjoy the ride!


We don’t have much for wrapping paper, so I usually make my own. This was for William’s 11th birthday. 🙂


Just because she’s the cutest…


I made up a fish recipe! It turned out pretty yummy… lemon, fresh garlic, rosemary from the garden, salt, cayenne, olive oil, and whatever else I put on, haha.


I was playing around with my camera at church and got this shot. I thought it was pretty cool. (It’s through the doors in the back of the sanctuary)


So Cheryl found this recipe on Pintrest, for pumpkin pancakes. And I made them. And YUM!!!


Seriously, they were so good I made them again the next day for lunch. 😀


We got flowers for Emily’s 17th birthday! 🙂


Rose are so amazing…


Bright lights has been going well! This was when they were making cards at our last meeting. I love how CREATIVE these girls are. It’s awesome. 😀


Can you tell we’re excited about autumn?? Hannah and I put out the fall decor at Mann Tile.


So, back in July, I was at that building there hearing about the vision for a Pregnancy Solutions location in North Port.


And last Saturday (and the Saturday before) I was across the street, at the new location for Pregnancy Solutions! They are an awesome ministry, and we’re blessed to be able to help out!

PS Floor

We tiled both of their bathrooms… Hannah and I mainly just helped get up the old flooring. 😛


One of the finished bathrooms! I need to get better pics sometime soon…


This is pretty much my favorite thing about Florida. This is at Publix…


I love the sky. It’s always different, always beautiful.


Communion/Fellowship meal!! My favorite Sunday of the month. 😀


If you ever need chairs set up, just ask Grace Bible Church. We’ve got servant’s hearts, and we’re fast too.


At the business, we finally got a SIGN!! Yippee!


Josiah finding the perfect music for filling out his application to Central America. 😉 (Also, Esther. And Duckie.)


So my purse broke last night at music lessons… and since it was just us girls, I asked if we could go look for a new one. This is what we came home with. 😀 Can you tell I have the trip on the brain?

Vell… there ya go. A glimpse into my life. 🙂


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