Trip Timeline (So Far)

August 25th 2013– “Wonderly and Co.” (Paul Wonderly of SOS fame and two friends) visited our church. Paul told us about the upcoming trips. (Also they ate tacos at our house.)

Wonderly and Co

August 26th 2013–Our dad suggested we go on the December trip to Central America. We started looking it up and considering it seriously.

August 20 something–we started filling out our applications.


September 6th–Josiah and I applied for our passports


September 16th–We had all sent in our applications and were accepted.

Also September 16th–we got our passports!!


September 18th– Hannah and I earned $200 each by staining grout

October 1st–we had our first donation of $10 from a little girl who goes to Bright Lights. 🙂


October 9th–We found out we needed $950 basically ASAP and then $500 ish two weeks after that.

October 11th–I scraped together my money and had $650

October 12th–My dad gave me $200, so I only needed $100. I asked God to provide it at church.

October 13th–Before church even started, one of my friends at church handed each of us a check. For $150 each.

Also October 13th–We did a slide presentation at church about our trip.

SOS Trip (Before).001

And ALSO on October 13th–We found out that someone from church had donated $2,000!!! Which means… that our trip is now FULLY FUNDED!! 😀 That, folks, is God in action.


(I took this picture last night, but turns out today is Columbus day. Which means the mail isn’t running. 😛 So it goes out tomorrow instead. But still!!)

It’s been quite the adventure already! Looking forward to watching as God continues to work. 🙂

P.S. If you want to donate still, feel free. We still have a few more expenses to cover and we are also still collecting money for SOS Ministries.


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