Another Excuse Post (But this one has News)

I’ve been neglecting this blog horribly. 😛 But I do have some good reasons… My life has been rather crazy for quite some time now–this year has been intense. There’s been a ton going on–My mom was out of town visiting her father for a while, and then when she came back I went up to New York for a week (and had a lovely, relaxing, fun time), and when I came back she and I organized the entire kitchen, and then on the fourth of July her dad, my grandpa died, so she left the next day, and then Hannah left not too long after that for Central America, and I had two weeks of working daily and trying to manage the home. Yeah. Craziness.

And it wasn’t over then, either.

Becaaauuussse…. shortly after my mom came back, a young man from my church, the music leader actually, started showing definite interest in me. (I’d been suspecting it for quite some time) That is, he actually texted me for significant lengths of time. And usually he barely replied at all. So that was weird.

About a week after this odd behavior (haha), he told me he liked me and I said I liked him too (imagine that) and… well, it’s been quite the ride since then. That was a little over a month ago now, and since then we’ve had a great many long talks and we still haven’t found anything to argue about. We’ve tried pretty hard but it’s just not working. We found out that we actually get a long quite well–for some reason it took us about 8 years to find this out (we’ve been going to the same church all this time) but hey, at least we figured it out. Seriously, though, God’s timing was, as usual, just right.

He just finished school we when started talking, took his certification exam, and then a few days later got a full time job offer at a big hospital about an hour from where we live. Pretty awesome opportunity… it ended up working out that he could do the job and come back on weekends to lead music at church (and spend time with me, ahem), so he accepted the job and started last Monday. It’s been an adjustment for both of us, but it has been good. Though I must say I am really excited to see him tonight. 😀

We’re excited to see how God continues to lead. 🙂 Prayer appreciated… this is big stuff and we want to glorify God in it.

And maybe eventually we will get a decent enough picture to post. We both seem to have a knack for making weird faces, talking, and or closing our eyes. haha. 😛

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