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An Annoucement!

Not really sure if anyone reads this blog anymore or not, but for those who still may–I am engaged!!! 😀 (to the same young man (whose name is Peter) mentioned previously)

He asked my dad if he could ask me, and then a few days later, on Christmas at a pretty garden/park, he asked me to marry him– and I said yes! We are both still a little in disbelief, as we both had reached a place where we kind of thought we might not get married… however, God had other ideas, and here we are. 🙂 It’s been a blessing to us and those around us to see how God has worked in bringing us to this place… my mom and his mom had both been praying about it, unbeknownst to us, and apparently some other people had been too. It seemed to happen rather fast, but we’ve been going to the same church for eight years, so it’s really more like “about time!”, haha. I’m already busy with wedding plans and ideas… we are planning to get married in less than four months, so there’s a lot to get done and I’ll probably continue mostly ignoring this blog. I may have more time to devote to blogging after we are married, however… we shall see. 🙂


Peter and Carissa engaged

(not the best picture, we were both rather tired… but you get the idea. :))