That’s kind of a scary title right before a wedding, huh? Don’t worry, it hasn’t been called off. 😉

A few months ago, though, our pastor talked about how all our experiences shape us and how, as we love God, He works all things out for good. Together with what we had discussed in marriage class the day before that sermon–namely, a few of our largest disappointments– I started thinking about how that has worked out in our lives.

Both Peter and I have had rather severe disappointments in our lives– his back “went bad” around 18, thus drastically changing the course of his life, making it impossible for him to do what he had wanted to do–He had planned on a physically active lifestyle that would have taken him out of Florida.

I was in a relationship that I thought was headed for marriage–(I was rather delusional at the time… looking back I see how crazy it was to think that), but that ended abruptly and traumatically. (long story.)

Neither of us understood why we had to go through those very hard and disappointing experiences.

As I was thinking about all these things, I realized that had we both gotten what we wanted–had we not experienced those severe disappointments– He would’ve been in a different state, and I would’ve probably still been in a delusional relationship. We would not be getting married in 11 days, nor would we have the character built during those rough times.

This not only causes me to thank God greatly for His allowance of those disappointments–it also gives me confidence that He will indeed continue to work beautifully both in and through and in spite of future difficulties and set backs.

He is indeed wonderful and wise in all His ways… we cannot fully understand His ways, but we certainly can marvel and praise Him.

And I do.

He has protected me and provided wonderfully. I am a blessed woman…very much looking forward to being married in just a few days. 🙂